J. Patrick Ware, MD

The "exercise" (First simple step on a longer journey):


The Soulful Mind wrist bands are in and available as previously announced. They come in regular and glow in the dark versions. If you would like one please send a suggested $6.00 donation to cover postage and handling along with your name and address and we'll get one out to you ASAP! They're great as Intensity Monitoring exercise reminders. Be sure to specify regular or glow in the dard versions. If you do not specify we will send you a "regular" (non glow in the dark model). We appreciate your prayers and support.

As often as you can (excluding during the operation of heavy machinery) during the day after you have any feeling regardless of its size or quality simply ask yourself (using a 10 point scale where "0" represents a feeling with no intensity and "10" represents a feeling that is the most intense you could ever imagine having ever in your life) "how intense was that feeling?" Please allow you mind to register the response (it only takes a moment) and for the "rating" to find its own place on your 10 point scale. As soon as that is complete you continue on with your day until you are able to repeat the process with your next feeling. Remember, this exercise is intended to allow you to address any feeling, any size, any quality ("good" or "bad") anytime.

We look forward to your discoveries and your sharing how you are doing (email and/or call in to the radio program). 

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